Charitable Foundation
«Rise of Ukraine»

This non-profit charitable organization assists internally displaced persons affected by the war in Ukraine and military personnel on the front line.

About the fund

We are focused on achieving Ukraine’s victory in the war and supporting those at risk due to the hostilities.

Since its inception, the foundation has provided humanitarian assistance to more than 2,000 IDP families in Dnipro and 450 children in the evacuated areas of the Kherson region.

“Rise of Ukraine actively cooperates with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have already delivered over: 350 bulletproof vests, 150 tactical first aid kits, 40 sleeping bags, 30 burqas, and 300 candlesticks. In addition, we have purchased three thermal imagers, two vehicles, and a DJI Mavic 3 drone.

We also provided psychological counseling to more than 90 civilians and military personnel and sent more than 10 tons of medicines to medical facilities.

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Our projects

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Project team

Alexander Kukhtin - Rise of Ukraine
Alexander Kukhtin

Co-founder, Director of the Foundation.

Yana Paladiieva - Rise of Ukraine
Yana Paladiieva

Co-founder, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Denis Safonov - Rise of Ukraine
Denis Safonov

Co-founder, Head of the Foundation's medical aid program.

Artur Sarkisian - Rise of Ukraine
Artur Sarkisian

Co-founder, Head of the Foundation's Military Assistance Program.

Maryna Kravets - Rise of Ukraine
Maryna Kravets

Project Management Manager at the Foundation.

Oleh Lysenko - Rise of Ukraine
Oleh Lysenko

Head of PR and advertising at the Foundation, SMM specialist.

Asya Kukhtina - Rise of Ukraine
Asya Kukhtina

Project manager of the Foundation, curator of projects to help IDPs and children.

Alona Kravchenko - Rise of Ukraine
Alona Kravchenko

Project Management Manager at the Foundation.

Polina Kolyada - Rise of Ukraine
Polina Kolyada

Project manager for the Foundation's communications.

Kateryna Yurchak - Rise of Ukraine
Kateryna Yurchak

Curator of fine arts projects for adults and children.

Timur Hirman - Rise of Ukraine
Timur Hirman

Project manager of the Foundation, technical specialist.

Alexander Skorohod - Rise of Ukraine
Alexander Skorohod

Project Manager of the Foundation for Logistics and Transportation.

Nil Merkushov - Rise of Ukraine
Nil Merkushov

Manager of humanitarian missions to the frontline and de-occupied territories

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