Child support

Child support

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, thousands of children have lost their homes and had to move to new cities and start their lives from scratch.

From now on, our main goal is to give children the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling childhood.

Our projects are educational, developmental, and entertaining, and are aimed at stabilizing the psycho-emotional state and integrating IDP children into society.

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How exactly do we help the Children?

Within the framework of this program, we provide various forms of charitable assistance, namely:

We have opened a children’s HAB for IDPs and military children, where we run courses: “School of Little Van Goghs”, “Tvorchi Kids”, “Astronomy Course”, “English School with Rise”.

We organize educational excursions on the space industry, science, history, and integrate children in a new city.

We organize entertainment events and holidays for IDP children in the city of Dnipro.

We provide children’s kits with stationery, educational toys and sweets for children living in the de-occupied territory of the Kherson region.

How can you help?

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