Medical aid

Medical care

Since February 24, 2022, more than 100 medical centers have been destroyed in Ukraine, and another 627 have been damaged or partially unusable.

Numerous medical institutions have lost the ability to provide medical services due to lacking medicines, necessary materials, and medical equipment. In turn, doctors helping soldiers on the front line do not have sufficient resources to save the lives of the seriously wounded.


To provide medical workers both at the front line and in medical institutions with the necessary supplies and equipment, our Charitable Foundation has launched the Medical Aid Program.

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How do we help medical institutions?

We work in four main areas:

We purchase and donate medical equipment, instruments, laboratory reagents, medicines, and medical devices to hospitals.

We buy, sort, and deliver medicines for military first aid kits to the front line.

We purchase prosthetic and hygiene products to treat and rehabilitate injured soldiers and civilians.

We help with the rehabilitation of the military and civilians.

How can you help?

Raised 30 000 of 30 000 uah