A holiday for children or how Rise of Ukraine created their favourite magic again

A holiday for children or how Rise of Ukraine created their favourite magic again - Rise of Ukraine

Does it matter what date is on the calendar if you have a holiday in your heart?

We think so too, so on 8 June we joined a huge company with kind hearts and created an event for kids 😎

Well, the organising team is really a very serious one:

  • “Volunteers Rozgi”
  • DobroDim
  • Dream Ukraine
  • Dnipro hearts
  • Dnipro City Council
  • Municipal enterprise Urban infrastructure
  • police and the city’s emergency service
  • and dozens more volunteers and patrons

And so this whole crowd gathered in Pisarzhevsky Park and arranged such a feast 😱

From the very morning, children and their parents gathered there to have a good time and create new vivid memories through a variety of entertainment and activities 😍

Our team thought for a long time about what to come up with to attract the attention of all the kids at once. Well, we can’t do without our little friends, what can we do 🤷🏻‍♀️

If anything, we succeeded 👌🏻 Guess who had the longest queue?

And here’s what we did that was so interesting:
🪁 Kite making workshop
✨ Almost real glitter and flash tattoos
🥤 A masterclass from the bartenders of our hearts on making author’s blue lemonades
🧠 Puzzles
🎯 Interactive game “Accurate throw”

We thank our partners @kiddisvit.ua @planetakino for creative kits and tickets to the coolest cinema in Dnipro for our kids.

Well, we could have had fun with the kids all day, but the weather decided it was time to rest and gave us a heavy rain ⛈️

We were soaked from head to toe while rescuing all our equipment, but we were the happiest team because we gave so much happiness and pleasant emotions 🫶🏻

In fact, we already know that rain is good luck. After all, it was he who was our additional headliner at PROSTO NEBA FEST.

We believe that this year he had a lot of fun last year and will decide not to come this year 😉

By the way, are you already looking forward to this year’s festival?

We are preparing for something great together with Rise 💙💛

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