6 months of work: what have we volunteered for this time?

6 months of work: what have we volunteered for this time? - Rise of Ukraine

For more than six months now, Ukraine has been defending its independence and standing as a shield for the entire civilized world against non-humans and terrorists, those who have no conscience, no honor and ruthlessly destroy everything that comes their way. Russians cannot think for themselves and do not understand what a free and happy life is, and so they want to take it away from us, Ukrainians.

Despite all the horrors we see every day and all the tears and suffering we have experienced during this time, we continue to fight back and move step by step to Victory.

Each of us has lost something: our families, our homes, our health, our carefree lives. Every day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are reclaiming our land, villages, cities, and districts piece by piece, and will continue to do so until all the foreigners return to where they came from or remain buried in our land.

And now the whole country is united for the sole purpose of our victory. We are strong, independent and united.

Every day we continuously help those who have suffered and been forced to leave their homes and those who are defending our country.

In the 6 months of our work, our Fund has managed to move and settle in a twice as big headquarters. But, of course, this is not our main achievement, because every day Rise helps in different ways and we want to share what we have done during this time:

– In the first months of our work, we opened a library with more than 50 copies of children’s and adult literature;

– Developed and delivered 30 first aid kits for the military;

– Delivered bulletproof vests, drones, humanitarian aid and other military ammunition to the frontline;

– During this time, we have provided humanitarian aid to more than 1000 IDP families and 10 military units;

– We have made large purchases of food and personal care products to send to those in need;

– We sent a car to our military;

– Started production of a new model of stove, and the first 5 have already been delivered to the front line;

– We bought baby food and pampers for small children;

– We sent tourniquets;

– Conducted humanitarian missions to the residents of reoccupied Balakleya in Kharkiv region;

– Together with KRMA, we delivered 150 parcels with stationery, toys and goodies for children to the reoccupied territories of Kherson region;

– We sent an armored personnel carrier and 2 armor plates to the frontline;

– Made 150 “trench” candles for the military. 

We know and understand that it will not get easier in the near future, but we still continue to work to help everyone who needs it. After all, light always conquers darkness.

We are grateful to everyone who helps us and wants to join the collection of humanitarian kits.

Everything will be with Rise


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