The photo exhibition “The Price of Life” went to Stuttgart

The photo exhibition “The Price of Life” went to Stuttgart - Rise of Ukraine

We have to keep shouting about all the pain that Ukrainians go through every day 💔

That’s why our team went to Europe again with the sensational exhibition “The Price of Life”.
This exhibition is the voice of the Kherson region, telling us the story of its struggle and resilience.

And it’s time for Stuttgart to hear it.

The photographs were taken by Ukrainian photographer Oleksandr Tolokonnikov, who was fearlessly in the midst of the events in order to show a true picture of the situation on the right bank of the region.

In the incredible space of the Theaterhaus, Germans and Ukrainians gathered to support us and experience this story together.
On the opening day, there were many warm words, donations, new acquaintances and wishes for peace to our unbreakable country.

Martin Kemeter – Theaterhaus:
“Thank you very much for this amazing, emotionally charged exhibition. A special thank you to you, Alexander, for your work and these photographs, which are striking in their intensity.
They convey in all the horrific detail what is happening in your country right now.

As we have repeatedly emphasised, Ukraine belongs to Europe, it belongs to us. And it is a great honour for us to exhibit these paintings.

These works will be presented here until the war is over, until peace comes.

Thank you for these photos, thank you to Polina and Kateryna for taking responsibility and travelling this difficult path to us.
I hope that as many people as possible will see this exhibition. I want to believe that it will be able to change something, to influence something.

Thank you!”

It’s hard to relive these events, but who else but Ukrainians should tell about them.

And we will continue to do so until the suffering of Ukraine ends.

Everything will be with Rise 💙💛

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