How we celebrated the Birthday of our Charitable Foundation

How we celebrated the Birthday of our Charitable Foundation - Rise of Ukraine

When you celebrate your first birthday, you should do it loudly and with benefits 🎉🎉

So we decided to extend the pleasure of the holiday and organized a week of interesting events for our dear IDPs. Before you know it, the time has flown by ❤️

We invite you to share the emotions of these intense, creative and informative days together:

✨ We started the week with our space friends, who gave a tour to 30 IDP children and their parents 🧑🏻‍
Before becoming real astronauts, everyone listened carefully to the history of Ukrainian cosmonauts from the star guides, their detailed story about the launch of satellites, what types of space rockets are there, what they eat on board the ship and everything about the journeys that awaited our mischievous children 🛸
What is space exploration without testing interactive exhibits and trying on the role of a real explorer of the boundless expanse of the Universe? So we believe that it is impossible to do without it, and therefore we could not avoid VR glasses 👀
And we ended our journey by watching a bright movie in the Starry Hall, where we fell in love with our universe even more ✨✨

✨ We gathered with the kids at the Kolora Family studio for a sand animation master class and created our own unique stories. Before starting to create this magic, we listened to the masters about the peculiarities of this art and were instructed on how to use all the tools and materials correctly.
Sand animation classes help kids not only as an art therapy, but also develop their imagination, artistic skills and contribute to the development of fine motor skills 🙌🏻👌🏻
The kids relaxed, released all their emotions, and the creative process began. They painted everything their hearts desired: their favorite animals, the world around them, sea creatures, magical creatures and princesses 🎨
Each of the 25 IDP children was able to unleash their imagination and plunge into the atmosphere of creativity 👀👦🏻👩🏻

✨ Immersed in the atmosphere of spring and tenderness in the space of Lilia Stepanova’s gallery, where 25 IDP women gathered for a gentle flower painting workshop.
At the beginning of the workshop, the studio masters shared the secrets of creativity: how to apply paint, layout and how to work in various techniques.
On that day, everyone was able to create something special, something that was in their hearts, and it was not necessary to have artistic experience. Just a creative impulse in the heart and a desire to create 👩🏻‍🎨🎨

✨ This week ended with a business training from an incredible speaker, co-founder of the Rise of Ukraine charity fund, Yana Paladieva. She shared her secrets on how to develop your own business and get additional funding from international partners 👌🏻😉
For example, there is an opportunity for IDPs registered in Dnipropetrovska oblast to receive up to USD 1500 from the international humanitarian organization Mercy Corps for business development.

The birthday may be only once a year, but that won’t stop us from organizing such events much more often. Because we cannot stop, we are only moving forward!

This year has shown our unbreakable spirit, strength of mind and willingness to lend a helping hand. And we are immensely grateful to each of our friends who are stepping up to the plate together with our team.
And we thank everyone who has been with us this week and all our partners for supporting our desire to help and be on the side of light 🫂

Let’s go to the second anniversary together with Rise 💙💛

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