November report

November report - Rise of Ukraine

Day after day, we are running somewhere, looking for new information and opportunities, teaching children, and before we know it, another month of our work has passed. Well, it’s time to sum up the results of November

🎨 The first chicks of 3 groups at once flew into the brand new doors of our HAB for the art course “School of Little Van Goghs”. Previously, we could teach no more than 12 children in one group, but now it’s as many as 20 little happy faces.
Each age group (6-8, 8-10 and 10-12 years old) created their first masterpieces under the strict guidance of two fairies @nasty_ryabtseva and @mari_art_mari: still lifes, landscapes, animals and everything they had imagination for.

🍿 Fancy a film adventure? We know that this event from @planetakino always gathers a full cinema hall. After all, who wouldn’t want to be distracted from the news and plunge into a colourful cartoon universe? Last month, together with 63 kids, we watched Trolls 2 World Tour and Jungle Guardians 2: Around the World, and of course, we didn’t forget to pop some popcorn.

✍🏻 English should be learnt from an early age. We, as adults, know this from our own experience and therefore want to impart this knowledge to the future generation as early as possible and in an interesting way. That’s why we held an interactive English lesson for 10 IDP children at our HABC. It combined two things at once: entertainment and learning. This form makes it easier to remember new knowledge.

And how can we do without sand magic this month? Of course, we can’t do without @kolora.family.dp. Their wonderful masters always tell us so interesting stories that we want to listen to them again and again. So 18 children were lucky enough to learn the secrets of sand animation and learn how to do it with their own hands. And the older children also took part in battles. To further develop their imagination and not be afraid to express their creativity.

Our team did not sit still last month and studied a lot. Yes, it’s not for nothing that the word “very” is written in capital letters. Here, take a look for yourself:
✏️ On raising awareness of anti-trafficking tools for child protection workers from IOM.
✏️ On Psychology from the Masha Foundation
✏️ Attended the training “Gender, inclusion and accountability to the affected population”
✏️ Participated in the child protection sub-cluster in Dnipro region
✏️ Attended the online training “Gender-oriented humanitarian work and reducing the risks of gender-based violence”
✏️ Participated in the food security and livelihoods cluster
✏️ Invited to the coordination meeting of the Education sub-cluster
✏️ Attended an interagency session of governmental and non-governmental institutions providing mental health services

And the main event of the last month was the organisation of a photo exhibition in Europe called “The Price of Life” about the indomitable residents of Kherson region. But we will tell you more about it separately 🙌🏻

We are already looking forward to December, because it is a time of miracles ✨

Everything will be with Rise 💙💛

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