Humanitarian aid for families of servicemen and children who have lost parents due to war

Humanitarian aid for families of servicemen and children who have lost parents due to war - Rise of Ukraine

The quiet days in Dnipro come at a terrible price. We understand that our peace and freedom are owed to those who defend us every day 🫂

Some families have lost much more than peaceful days—they have lost their dearest ones.

All we can do is support them and show that they are not alone in their grief.

Regrettably, compared to last month, the number of children who have lost parents has increased. It utterly breaks our hearts 💔

Rise of Ukraine has provided humanitarian aid to 67 families of servicemen with children and to children who have lost one or both parents due to the war 😔

These aid kits included:

• sunflower oil

• coffee

• tea

• flour

• pasta

• buckwheat

• canned goods

• hygiene products

• cleaning agent

• vitamins for health support

Our work is aimed at helping such families: all our events, workshops, and excursions are designed to distract from heavy thoughts 🙌🏻

We are always ready to support these families and be there for them in their darkest times. Sometimes, strangers can become a wall and a support.

We believe in victory together with Rise 💙💛

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