Why is it important to help the Rise charity fund?

Why is it important to help the Rise charity fund? - Rise of Ukraine

The war has been going on in the country for more than a year now, and unfortunately, the need for help is not getting smaller every day. We see dozens or even hundreds of fundraisers every day from foundations, volunteers or just concerned Ukrainians. So why is it necessary to help us?

We work in 4 areas, including:

  1. Military assistance is an area that provides military units, battalions, the State Emergency Service and other groups of military personnel in the hot spots.
    This project has different areas of focus:
    «Optics for the military» – the purchase of optical devices for our soldiers;
    «Cars for the Armed Forces» – since the foundation’s inception, we have managed to purchase 2 cars;
    «Warm a Soldier» – providing sleeping bags, stoves, gas stoves, warm clothes and thermoses. And almost daily our volunteers make trench candles for the guys at the forefront;
    «First aid kit» – collecting medicines, bandages and tourniquets that will save the lives of those who defend us;
    «Body armor for soldiers»=« – we have set up our own production of class 4+ bulletproof vests of the NATO model. More than 350 pieces have already been delivered to the military;
    «Drones for the military» – we provided the 74th separate intelligence battalion with a DJI Mavic 3 drone.
  2. Humanitarian aid – aimed at organising and delivering essential products to the reoccupied territories by humanitarian convoys, transporting humanitarian aid from Europe to Ukraine, collecting necessary assistance for people in the occupied and reoccupied territories, providing food, hygiene, household items for IDPs’ centres of joint residence.
  3. Assistance to IDPs and refugees includes psychological support, workshops and educational courses for children, priority assistance with food and hygiene products, and assistance in obtaining the necessary documents for living in another city.
    Within this program, our Fund has the following programs:
    Rise for kids – helps kids in the reoccupied territories and gives them gift packages, which we put together with toys, notebooks, pencils, paints, educational games and a lot of delicious things.

Rise for kids 2.0 – entertains, develops and educates IDP children in Dnipro. Our team organized a football championship, held a New Year’s celebration together with Fabrica L, organized a movie session with the support of Planet Cinema, and KOLORA family helps to organize sand animation workshops.

Rise of Art – develops the imagination and creativity of IDP women and children with the support of Lilia Stepanova’s Art Workshop. We will continue to hold these art meetings together once a month to discover even more talents.

  1. Medical aid – providing hospitals with medical equipment, instruments, laboratory reagents, medicines, medical supplies and purchasing, sorting and delivering medicines for military kits to the front line. Our Fund also purchases prosthetics and hygiene products for the treatment and rehabilitation of military and civilians affected by the aggressor’s invasion and is engaged in their rehabilitation.

Anyone who cares and wants to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilians affected by the war in Ukraine can do so with just in one click.

We are transparent, report on our work every day on social media and have the trust of our partners: Fabrika L, Framiore, the new dream Ukraine foundation, UNION DES UKRAINIENS EN BRETAGNE, Planeta Kino, Peninsula, Idealers and others.

There are no small donors for such a big cause as helping those who defend us and those who have lost their lives and are rebuilding them. A cup of coffee that is not drunk means we are getting closer to Victory.

We are grateful to everyone who has not passed by and wants to join this good cause.
Our strength is in unity! Everything will be with Rise.


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