How can you help Ukraine

How can you help Ukraine - Rise of Ukraine

For over a year now, we have been facing enemy aggression every day and living in fear.

But with each new day of the war, the needs are growing, and Ukraine always needs help.

There are no small donations when it comes to a big purpose- Victory. Each hryvnia is a contribution to meeting both small needs (medicines, hygiene products, food) and large needs (ammunition, military equipment, vehicles). In this way, we provide the rear for the military and reach out to those who have lost everything ❤️‍🩹

What can you do?

If you are abroad:

🙌🏻 Make a donation for the purchase of humanitarian aid

🙌🏻 Organise humanitarian missions, convoys or simply send humanitarian aid kits

🙌🏻 Do not be silent about what is happening in Ukraine and share the news as much as possible

🙌🏻 Support the charity foundation with information: mention Rise of Ukraine in social networks, share links to our website

🙌🏻 Encourage other people to help Ukraine and involve them in doing so through our foundation

If you are in Ukraine

🙌🏻 Organise the collection of humanitarian kits that will be sent to IDPs by charities

🙌🏻 Help unload and disassemble the aid that has arrived in Ukraine from abroad

🙌🏻 Join the production of trench candles

🙌🏻 Apply to the foundation with a request to conduct art courses if you have experience and skills in this field

🙌🏻 Join in the delivery of humanitarian aid

🙌🏻 Donate and encourage your friends to do the same

🙌🏻 Support our social networks: subscribe, leave comments and likes, mention and share our profile

🙌🏻 Follow the information and get involved in other initiatives if possible

Anyone who is willing and able to help can find all the necessary information from our team. And we will always be happy to tell everyone who cares about our projects 🫂.

All Rise of Ukraine initiatives are aimed at support, and you can choose where your donation or the amount of the collection will go 🙌🏻

Remember that your contribution can make IDP children happy, help families who have lost their homes, support the military and save lives, and more!

We are a country of strong and independent people, where every voice will be heard and matter. We will not be broken 👊🏻

We stand on the side of good together with Rise 💙💛


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