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Just Neba Fest - Rise of Ukraine

If you think that in winter the imagination is dormant and waiting for warm weather, Yana, co-founder of the Rise of Ukraine charity fund, can disagree. After all, it was on a frosty day in January that the idea to organize a large-scale charity festival came to her beautiful head 🤩🥳

How did the team react? Oh, don’t ask, everyone’s eyes became huge and there was only one question in their minds: “How to do it?”. But after the shock passed, our brains started working to bring this idea to life 😎🎉.

Because the Rise of Ukraine team does not know how to stop in front of difficulties 💪🏻

What is it all about?

It’s no secret how much we love kids. You can see it in the number of events we organize for little IDPs and in our happy smiles when we are with them 🥰

That is why we organized this event for them. To be more specific, to build a huge HUB where they can study:

– English;

– karate;

– dancing;

– singing;

– drawing;

– Ukrainian.

It will be a big place where more than 300 children can study and where kids will be able to forget about the war, discover their talents and find new friends.

Our main goal had a specific amount – 1,500,000 hryvnias.

We also wanted everyone to have the opportunity to escape from the news and remember what it was like to spend a weekend with their families, just like they used to.

Part of the team that worked on Just Sky Fest

Alyona Kravchenko

One of the festival coordinators, who, firstly, immediately said she was on board when she heard about the idea. And, secondly, she solved all the issues at once: from food to performances. She doesn’t reveal how she does it, but it’s a fact that everything turned out to be top-notch.

Kateryna Yurchak

She is a decision-maker who does not know the word “no”. It is simply impossible to refuse her anything. The team took advantage of this, and that’s why we have so many great partners. Because Katya is love.

Polya Kolyada and Asya Kukhtina

Two little stars who didn’t feel sorry for themselves at all and were always doing something.

Thanks to the eyes and hands of Asya, who was responsible for purchases, every detail was harmonious and conveyed the mood we wanted to put into this day.

Polya is the head of communications. Media, advertising, Instagram, coordination of the marketing team, she was aware of everything. And it turned out really cool.

Creative agency “IDealers”

They helped us with the visuals, brand identity, and design of our social media, and they immediately started to get creative and generally supported the idea of Just Sky Fest.

Sasha Skorokhod and Artur Sarkisyan

Sasha takes care of all the technical issues, and Artur is responsible for solving complex problems. It’s a wonder that they didn’t get twitchy-eyed at the girls’ impossible inventions. But it’s good that we have them.


The organizer bees who helped with all the difficulties and took on most of the work.

Fest zones

Food zone: to have a good time, you can’t avoid delicious food and drinks from your favorite Dnipro restaurants.

Master classes: here everyone could attend rocket modeling, anti-stress “”Bird””, drawing workshop, paper plastics, Petrykivka painting classes.

Lounge area: a place where you could just watch the hustle and bustle from the outside, spend time with your family and relax.

Children’s zone: here, favorite characters entertained, introduced fire safety rules and allowed parents to take a break from their little mischievous ones.

The stage: a concentration of talent and music, where DJ sets and hits that have been in our hearts for many years were played.

The fair: a piece of summer to take with you and warm yourself with the memories of this day. Craftsmen who sold their creations and introduced everyone to the talents of Dnipro helped to warm up with the memories of this day.

How it all went down

From the very morning of July 8, the Sich Yacht Club was in full swing: flowers for wreaths were brought in from the field, decorations were set up, food outlets set up their points, animators prepared to meet the kids, and performers conducted sound checks.

And the celebration began.

Despite the heat, people started visiting Just Sky Fest from the very opening. And before lunch, the mirror with wishes was painted with greetings from different parts of Ukraine: Kherson, Mariupol, Luhansk, and others shared this moment with us 🤍

In the children’s area, the holiday was already at full volume: animators danced the kids around, soap bubbles captured the attention of even those who had long received their passports, and the fire truck definitely inspired several dozen children to choose a profession for their future.

Laughter, joy and happiness from this day could be heard in every part of the yacht club.

Would you like to get married? That’s how the guests were greeted in the wedding area. Remember, this was the kind of entertainment we used to have in children’s camps. Of course, this document is not officially in effect, but it has unofficially given hundreds of couples a pleasant memory 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻

Nearby, three girls wearing flower wreaths invited everyone to make a wreath or just take a picture for a donation.

In general, photo zones were all over the yacht club and gathered many fans of beautiful photos. Please know that we have been admiring your marks for a very long time.

Despite the weekend atmosphere, no one forgets about safety, so each visitor was given a flyer with a map of shelters at the entrance, and during the air raid all equipment was turned off, work stopped and everyone was asked to go to the nearest shelter.

Two charismatic, professional and just good-looking guys, Ilya Khimik and Anton Potseluev, were the main hosts of the event. They entertained the guests, warmed up the audience before the musical performances and held auctions, and the money raised from the lots went to our piggy bank for the HAB for IDP and military kids.

In the evening, the rain decided that the festival would be sad without it and came uninvited. But this did not stop the Rise of Ukraine team, they quickly organized dancing in the rain and continued to enjoy the event with the guests.

During the day, the stage was filled with the authentic Ukrainian duo Natura with Bandura, the Dnipro-based band KIMNATA GRETHEN, the cool guys from Kyiv Banjy Band, DJ Ivan Smirnov, who is a must-have for any stylish event in the city, and the headliner of the day, Vopli Vidoplyasova.

These are the guys who know exactly how to set the crowd on fire from the first note. Everyone from young to old danced and sang along to their favorite songs, and for a long time they did not want to let Oleg Skrypka leave the stage, who almost missed his train.

Taste of a great event

The first thought was “Has everything we’ve been preparing for the last six months really come to life?” and the realization that we had done it. We proved once again that if it’s for a good cause, we can’t fail to do something.

And then the social media shares, comments, and thousands of grateful messages from guests began. We made it possible for people to relax their souls, remember what it used to be like and do a great deed for the children of IDPs and the military.

We raised 500,000 UAH in one day. Yes, we didn’t reach the ultimate goal, but we gave people a holiday and made notes on how to make it even bigger, brighter and cooler next time.

And it will be very soon….

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