New addition to the Rise family

<strong>New addition to the Rise family</strong> - Rise of Ukraine

The blue hoodie team has long been a real family, and so when we have a new addition, we are very happy. After all, a big family is so cool ❤️

Today we will get to know our three cats and tell you about what they do at the foundation 👀

Zhenya Nosakov

He is a project manager in our team and teaches the course “Geometric wood carving” 😍

Zhenya always tries to help people and has been doing it since the first days of the war.

He is 24 and already knows what he wants from this life 🤌🏻

Here’s what he says:

“I often ask myself the question: have I found joy in this life?

And when I think “YES”, I immediately ask myself: has my life brought joy to others?

That’s why I chose this path, that’s why I became a volunteer at 🫶🏻”

In fact, Zhenya is so good at so many things, and no matter what job he takes on, he does it well 😊

We don’t know if it’s because he is incredibly motivated or because he is so cool. But we are happy every day that he is with us 🫂

Daryna Varava

This wonderful smiling flower is the administrator of our HAB 🌸

She is 24 and has her own loving family, in which little Sofia is growing up (we will meet her soon 😉)

She knows from her own experience how important it is to help and support those who are struggling 🫂

“The morning of 24.02.22 showed me that all the past difficulties and problems are just nothing. It’s hard, angry and painful to realise that a full-scale war has just started in your country”

Daryna is the one who gives peace and care to everyone who comes into our home, and we cherish her ❤️

Sonya Varava

Yes, there’s a reason they share a surname with the girl above 😉

Sonya is Daryna’s daughter and she is our small, sincere and most important volunteer 😍

We have already made a blue hoodie for her 🤌🏻

She is so small, but she does so much: entertains the kids while they are waiting for classes, kindly tells them where the toilet is, collects packages with humanitarian aid, and does not forget to replenish the sugar for the sweetest tea 🥰

Although, of course, the sweetest bun is Sonia ❤️

And don’t worry, this little lady gets her salary with goodies on time 😉

That’s what a wonderful addition we have. We already love each of them as if we’ve been together for a million years 😎

Because we can’t have it any other way!

Welcome to the Rise family 💙💛

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