One year together with Rise: what have we done this year?

One year together with Rise: what have we done this year? - Rise of Ukraine

Is a year a lot or a little? When it comes to war, it is a lot. And when it comes to the aid, it is not enough. Because you understand how many people are still left alone with their misfortune that came into their lives because of the war.

The Rise of Ukraine Charitable Foundation was established a year ago and started its work not with big missions and cool partnerships, but with bulletproof vests, medicines for the military and a small amount of humanitarian aid for refugee centres.

We did not stand still and continued to move along this path of goodness and introduced new projects and programmes:

– As part of Medical aid, we prepared military first aid kits made of comfortable and  high-quality medical bags, which were equipped with the necessary medicines and equipment that can really save lives.

– We received assistance from France with the necessary items: food, hygiene products, medicines, baby food, gifts for children and medical equipment. Thanks to this, we were able to provide assistance to thousands of IDP families.

– We have created projects for children aimed at distracting them from the war, putting smiles back on their faces, developing their creativity and helping them find new friends: TVORCHI kids and the Little Van Gogh School.

Having great partners means having support for your ideas and helping the country together. And we are grateful to everyone who is with us:

❤️ Planet Kino for the tickets for our kids

❤️ Lilia Stepanova Art Studio for masterclasses for IDP women

❤️ Planetarium Noosphere for space travel

❤️ Rubizhne City Military Administration

❤️ Kherson Regional State Administration for assistance in the mission to Kherson region

❤️ Union des ukrainiens en Bretagne for humanitarian aid

❤️ KOLORA family art studio for interesting sand animation workshops for kids

With all of our volunteer hearts, we thank you and we do not plan to stop here, because we still have so many new acquaintances and people who need help.

Be on the side of light with Rise 💙💛


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