Report: our achievements in October

Report: our achievements in October - Rise of Ukraine

At the end of each month, we are surprised at how fast time flies.

So it’s time for our monthly report. So, here’s what we managed to do in October:

1. Organize 11 events for 215 IDP children

– Twice we crunched popcorn and laughed at the movies together with @planetakino at the «Puppy Patrol cartoon».

– We visited the Dnipro Museum twice and learned a lot about the city. For example, that Yekaterinoslav can be called the founder of large donations or that the museum building is over 200 years old.

– We felt like sugar magicians at two workshops at @zuckerwill_ua. We created unique jelly candies and, of course, danced and smiled a lot.

– We invited IDP children to a charity lunch from @mcdonaldsukraine, where they enjoyed the legendary Happy Meal and made new friends.

– We visited the outer space @planetarium_noosphere and listened to a lecture about famous astronauts, how our universe works and some other secrets. And if we don’t tell you the rest, come to the planetarium and find out for yourself.

– We got to know the Madrigal family better at the theatrical musical performance “Encanto” by @goldenkids_ukraine. It’s so nice when kids do something for other kids. Such unity and support are always inspiring.

– We did a little sand magic on the eve of Halloween with @kolora.family.dp. This time, the kids created bats and pumpkins and let their imaginations fly like a witch on a broomstick.

– We joined the future conquest of our planet by robots at the VEX RoboWeek Technological STEM course from @noosphere_events. There, the little brains assembled and programmed VEX Robotics robot heroes who demonstrated their skills: rescuing people and animals, clearing the road of stones, transporting medicines, and cleaning up fallen trees.

2. The new 18 artists have already started creating at the «School of Little Van Goghs». Here they will discover their talent, learn how to convey their own vision of the world with a brush, and simply communicate and meet new friends.

3. Oh, we love to recall the frantic preparation and incredible joy of our “Просто неба Fest”. After all, everything we did was not just for fun, we were raising money for a great cause – money to build an orphanage for IDP children and war victims.

And today we can share where we are in our work:

– We used the funds raised to pay for all the repairs in the building: we leveled the walls and floor, painted the surfaces and made a huge list of other repairs.

– Thanks to the help of our friends from the PIN-UP Foundation, we were also able to equip our classrooms with desks, magnetic marker boards, easels, art supplies, ottomans, tables and shelves.

4. The team also cannot sit still, so they learned and became better at such events:

– A lecture on explosive ordnance and mine safety from the HALO Trust. In our humanitarian missions, we are often exposed to danger, so it is imperative to have this knowledge in our heads. Of course, we hope that we won’t have to use them in real life, but we must be prepared.

– The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program.

– A training program for representatives of grassroots self-organized communities.

5. Being part of society and supporting important topics is also our job. This is how we draw attention to important events in the city. And this month our team attended 6 public events:

– A regional consultation on the development of the National Roadmap for Child Care Reform in Ukraine, where participants discussed important topics and created their own recommendations for projects. They discussed adoption, alternative forms of family care, inclusive education, social services and support for families, and the future life of those who have experience in boarding schools or alternative forms of family care.

– The presentation of the book “Planet A”, where we supported a young artist Maxim Brovchenko, who came from Berdiansk. He proved that if you have a creative heart, autism spectrum disorder will not be a hindrance.

– We became part of the working group “Together to support young IDPs” to discuss the needs, problems and future of young IDPs.

– We listened to a lecture by Dr. Conor Nixon

And we are ready to break into November 👀

Everything will be with Rise 💙💛

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