The amount of work that the Rise of Ukraine team has done for IDPs since its foundation.

The amount of work that the Rise of Ukraine team has done for IDPs since its foundation. - Rise of Ukraine

The war destroys lives in every sense of the word, taking away someone’s family, and someone else’s roof over their head. And in this situation, it is important to find those who will not leave you alone in trouble .

We are so sorry to everyone who was forced to leave their homes and start living in an unfamiliar city from the very beginning. That’s why a very large part of the Rise of Ukraine charity fund’s assistance is aimed at helping IDPs.

How we help:

– During each humanitarian mission to the region or to the de-occupied territories, we deliver humanitarian kits with essential food, hygiene products and toys, stationery and sweets for children.

– Together with other charitable organisations, we organised a charity football championship for IDP children.

– During our visits to the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv and Kherson regions, we do not leave kids without gifts and stationery

– We brought a New Year’s fairy tale to IDP children and their parents by organising a magical party. The real Santa Claus came to the party. They danced with him, sang songs and hugged him warmly. And, of course, he did not leave anyone without gifts, because everyone definitely behaved perfectly last year. 

– On the 8th of  March, an art workshop was held for IDP women, where each of them could create their own masterpiece and take it home as a souvenir.

– We hold regular painting workshops at Liliya Stepanova’s art studio for IDP women, where they are taught new painting techniques, how to mix paints correctly, the nuances of work, and help them convey their feelings and vision of the world through the brushes.

– We helped IDP children to feel like artists in our “School of Little Van Goghs”, where everyone can create and do whatever they want. After each lesson, the artists leave with canvases that will decorate their homes for now. One day, perhaps, we will see the best museums in the world.

– We created the Tvorchi Kids art project, which helps children aged 6-8 to escape from fear and immerses them in creativity. During the classes, they learn to draw, make applications, origami, and make themed gifts for their families. And during the tea break, they get to know each other and have a little fun.

– Thanks to the partnership with Planet Cinema, we were able to distract

children from heavy thoughts and organise a bright animated holiday while watching the Ukrainian cartoon Mavka. The Forest Song”. Since the beginning of the war, Planeta Kino has been helping refugees through initiatives like this and giving them the positive emotions.

– We visited the Mother and Child House, which is home to single mothers and women who have suffered from violence. We gave them things to make it even easier to take care of their children: baby food, nappies, fruit, and sweets. We also sent blankets, rugs, children’s and women’s clothing and gifts from our French partners.

– We hold sand animation masterclasses in the @kolora.family.dp studio. The masters of this magical art teach children drawing techniques and help them to unleash their creativity. Each sand story is unique and shows how talented our next generation is.

– We fly off into space with the planetarium. Here we see the Universe with our own eyes, feel like astronauts, dive into the history of Ukrainian cosmonautics and listen to interesting stories about the profession of space exploration from our wonderful guides.

– We visited shelters in Dnipro, which are homes to a large number of IDPs who were forced to leave their homes. There are 8-12 people living in rooms of 8-12 people, both elderly people and families with children. Each of them fled from the war and found shelter in our city. They were given kits with basic necessities, as well as clothes and toys for the kids.

– We held a business training together with Yana Paladieva, co-founder of Rise of Ukraine, for IDPs. She told them how to start their own business from scratch, how to formulate a business idea and raise additional funding. At the end of the meeting, each of the 10 future entrepreneurs was able to ask questions and get feedback from Yana. We continue to take an interest in the businesses and goals of our new friends.

– Within the framework of the project “Emergency Support to Civil Society and Media in Response to the War in Ukraine” with the support of the European Union, a doctor from our team met with IDPs in one of Dnipro’s shelters and conducted 9 consultations there. He talked to the patients, examined them and identified the diseases that bothered them. In addition, everyone who needed treatment was given referrals to specialists in their field and advice on how to maintain their health.

Our team is sincerely happy to have the opportunity to stay involved and help. After all, every small step builds a great Victory.

Let’s go to Victory together with Rise 💙💛


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